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A success story in Barcelona

Glòries Shopping Center is one of the most important leisure spaces in the city of Barcelona. 130 establishments in an area of more than 65,000m² offer a wide selection of fashion stores, restaurants and leisure activities. Inaugurated in 1995, Glòries is a symbol of the modern, innovative and open Barcelona that arises from the 1992 Olympic Games. Twenty years later, a remodeling project of the building has been launched. Its objective, that Glòries remains faithful to its original spirit.

The shopping center needs

The shopping center should be integrated into the urban fabric, which was especially important for our clients, as well as the fact that it was cozy, outward looking and easily accessible, without neglecting security. They decided to use the latest technological innovations in each sector in order to fulfill their aims. In relation to parking, that meant installing a parking guidance system that could manage 2,400 parking bays in a global way, in an efficient manner and causing minimal inconvenience to thousands of customers who visit the shopping center every year.
Why did they choose us?
In a project as important as Glòries, it is necessary to find partners who share the same worldview and can give adequate answers to specific needs. Quercus Technologies relies on the latest technology to ensure efficiency that satisfies both the operator and the parking user: integrated, simple to set up and user-friendly management. Our system reduces costs without reducing service quality. The best option for one of the flagships of the city of Barcelona.

Our proposal

SC Indoor: parking guidance system with License Plate Recognition and video surveillance in every bay

After studying the characteristics of the project, SC Indoor parking sensors were the best option. These All-in-One devices, with integrated License Plate Recognition (LPR) and video surveillance, can identify up to 4 vehicles at the same time with a very high reliability rate. They also transmit information about everything happening in or around every parking space, via live video streaming or capturing images and recording short videos whenever the device detects movement. Every event is linked to a plate number, so it can then be easily retrieved using BirdWatch parking management software. 

502 SC Indoor ID sensors were installed in Glories Shopping Center; SC Indoor ID 4, which surveys four bays each, and SC Indoor ID 2, which surveys two. SC Indoor ID is the most advanced version of the product, including several functions: parking guidance –using colored light to show bay type and availability–, video surveillance triggered by movement and plate recognition, both in every bay. 

LPR cameras, signage and CCTV

SmartLPR Access license plate recognition equipment was installed at entrances and exits, to manage accesses and facilitate mobility. Those are All-in-One License Plate Recognition systems. Easy to install and configured online, they integrate everything needed to provide maximum recognition reliability.  Finally CCTV cameras were installed, to record the state of the vehicles on their way in and out. 82 dynamic panels were installed to improve parking mobility. Some were installed in the ramps to inform customers of bay availability on the immediate upper and lower floor. Once on the floor, other panels showed general availability of seats in the whole facility. Finally, panels were located in each aisle as well.

All information that was previously collected by the different devices is managed and made available in an orderly and accessible way by BirdWatch parking managament software, also in the form of reports. The software suite facilitates real-time decision making, and an extremely high level of security and control over everything happening in the parking lot.



Photo of the Glories parking guidance system
Picture of the shopping mall Glories parking guidance system
Image of the Glories shopping center parking guidance system



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