BirdWatch® is a powerful Parking Suite based on the revolutionary concept of providing a total parking control solutions from a single and global software platform. It centralizes and interrelates the information obtained by all the products (hardware and software) that make up Quercus' global solution.

The complete integration of the Suite provides a global vision of all the movements of the vehicles in the parking and allows the data to be analyzed efficiently in order to make strategic business decisions and find opportunities. With it you get a superior Business Intelligence. All this data can be compiled into reports for decision-making on parking management and business maximization.

It is also compatible and easily integrated with other systems thanks to its API.

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Key features

Easy to use

Roles and multiple users

Alarms and incident notifications

Flexible and scalable

Remote parking management


Application to find the vehicle

Black and white lists


SC Indoor: Maximum vehicle control and security in parking spots through license plate recognition
Car Access: Control of vehicle movements based on license plate recognition at entries/exits
Image review: Special functionality for Image Review workstations
CCTV: Maximum security with videosurveillance and link the video with license plate recognition


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