SC Indoor

The SC Indoor sensors provide license plate recognition at each spot, an improved parking guide system and spot video surveillance for maximum vehicle control and security in every parking space.

Our All-in-One SC Indoor sensors include, inside the unit, everything needed for license plate recognition and vehicle presence detection and they are the best camera-based parking guide system in the parking sector.

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Key features

Vehicle detection, license plate recognition and video surveillance in each space: photos, videos activated by motion detection and real-time streaming

Information on availability and type of parking spaces: wide variety of color options (65,000) to indicate space types

All-in-One: each unit operates autonomously

It controls up to 4 parking spaces and adapts to all types of facilities

IP65/67 protection

Exact location of the vehicle in the car park by means of the recognition of the number plate in each parking space

Web-based configuration through an intuitive and easy tool included in the BirdWatch platform

Quick setup and start-up


Discover the benefits of the SC Indoor sensor from Quercus Technologies.


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