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4 Dec 2020

The Oakland Mall Guatemalan shopping center already benefits from the global parking solution by Quercus Technologies, with a 99.6% success rate in vehicle detection at its facilities

A test conducted by Quercus Technologies at the Oakland Mall parking facility proves the effectiveness of sensor vehicle detection and the efficiency of the indoor guidance system.

1 Dec 2020

Quercus Technologies presents the latest innovations in the global parking solution: light per space and new matrix displays

With the intention of improving mobility and guidance inside the parking facilities, and of doing so with the best quality possible, Quercus Technologies also makes available to its customers the most innovative matrix displays on the market.

24 Nov 2020

Forget 'smart detection', we do so much more! Quercus Technologies introduces new logo, slogan, corporate philosophy and website

For Quercus Technologies it is an end of year full of positive changes that form the basis of the growth that is expected both of the company and of the products, projects and services it provides.

19 Nov 2020

The license plate recognition camera by Quercus Technologies, SmartLPR Access, controls the accesses and exits of the Air Force Hospital in Chile

A total of 4 license plate recognition cameras have been installed at the Air Force Medical Center located in Las Condes, a district in the northeast side of the city of Santiago, Chile.