12 Jul 2021

Main advantages of working with a unique parking platform

The best parking management systems are based on a global parking solution that controls all parking facilities. This solution is made up of different products that generate information that is centralized in a single parking software platform.

6 Jul 2021

How a parking guidance system can cut CO2 emissions

One of the benefits of investing in a smart parking facility is the sustainability that characterizes them, and the conversion from a traditional facility to an eco-friendly one.

7 Jun 2021

Quercus Technologies launches its outdoor parking guidance system

Quercus Technologies’ comprehensive global parking solution now features a new outdoor parking guidance system, SC Outdoor, capable of detecting available spaces in outdoor and rooftop parking facilities, and designed to facilitate parking mobility.

1 Jun 2021

Dynamic pricing and parking guidance solutions

Dynamic pricing means adjusting prices depending on needs and requirements, at a specific time and place. In recent years, dynamic pricing has become a more prominent trend for global parking solutions.

10 May 2021

Tips to raise mobility, rotation and profits in parking

As users, when we think of parking guidance systems, their advantages are the first thing that comes to mind: finding a parking space quickly, to get on with what you have to do.

19 Apr 2021

Why choose a camera-based guidance system over others?

There are many different types of parking guidance technologies to choose from and it is still up for debate as to which one is the most effective. The most popular alternative technology to camera-based systems is ultrasound solutions

2 Nov 2020

Quercus Technologies reveals the power of Big Data in the parking sector

Big Data is transforming the world and how we understand it: they are information, numbers and cross data that lead us to a reality where all kinds of decisions and predictions can be made based on them.

18 Jun 2019

Improving your LPR rate

License Plate Recognition technology has also developed enormously during the past few years. It improves the user’s experience and guarantees an impressive detection rate. We are specialists in license plate recognition and computer-vision technologies.


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