5 Apr 2019

H2S in Montreal has installed Quercus parking guidance system

Quercus Technologies’ parking guidance system now controls the 51 parking spots of Home 2 Suites in Montreal. Spot Control sensors have been installed, which are cameras that recognize the vehicles’ plates and also provide video monitoring.

28 Mar 2019

Quercus in Coslada (Madrid)

The city council of this madrilean town has installed lpr camera system at the entrance and exit of the private parking of the local police station. This equipment facilitates automatic access to the institution, ensuring safety on site.

12 Mar 2019

124 SmartLPR Access at Ben Gurion airport

The busiest international airport in Israel has been equipped with our vehicle security camera system. The Ben Gurion airport has now optimized access to the premises, increasing security and car control in the car park.

8 Feb 2019

New reference in Plaza de Castilla Court

The car park access of Plaza de Castilla Court is now optimized by license plate recognition cameras at the entry and exit of the parking. The installation of these Quercus Technologies products eases the automatic access to the employees of the entity.

1 Feb 2019

The Traffic Academy of Mérida, equipped by Quercus

2 license plate recognition cameras Smart LPR Access have been installed at the entry and exit of the Traffic Academy of Mérida car park, whose use is exclusive to the employees.

17 Jan 2019

Banc de Sang of Barcelona equipped by Quercus

Two lpr camera systems have been installed at the entry and exit of the Banc de Sang i Teixits, located in Barcelona and dedicated to the blood donation. This installation allows fast, efficient and automatic access to the building.

10 Jan 2019

CEPSA tower car park installs 4 SmartLPR Access

With the aim of increasing security in its car park, a total of 4 SmartLPR Access number plate recognition cameras have been installed at the entrances and exits, thus improving access to the building and increasing control of the private car park.

19 Dec 2018

New reference in International Airport Pinto Martins in Fortaleza, Brazil

The International airport Pinto Martins in Fortaleza is now equiped with 6 license plate recognition SmartLPR Access cameras at entries & exits of the parking in order to increase the security and control of it.