25 Feb 2020

Santo Amaro Administrative Center Condominium installs 8 SmartLPR Access units in its car park

Eight license plate recognition cameras have been installed and set in free-flow and software mode, and are already operational. The cameras send the car's license plate to be printed on the ticket and control the vehicle entries and exits.

13 Feb 2020

Congonhas Airport is already enjoying Quercus Technologies’ global parking solution

Quercus Technologies parking solution allows them to manage the 1233 spots of the car park of the Brazilian airport, the second busiest of the South American country. The management of the facilities was outsourced and will be in charge of ESTAPAR.

9 Jan 2020

Quercus Technologies SmartLPR Access cameras control accesses to the Guitar Hotel in Hollywood, Florida

One of the most distinctive hotels in the world because of its guitar shape is property of world-famous brand Hard Rock International. 8 SmartLPR Access, license plate reading cameras developed by Quercus Technologies.

17 Dec 2019

The global Quercus Technologies solution arrives at Avenida Center Mall in Brazil

200 Spot Control sensors control more than 600 parking spots in the mall in the city of Maringá, in Brazil. The parking guidance system of Quercus Technologies is the option chosen to develop the client's needs.

3 Dec 2019

Airports choose Quercus Technologies' license plate recognition cameras

Guarulhos International Airport, in the homonymous district of the Brazilian city of São Paulo, is installing 12 license plate cameras from Quercus Technologies in the access and exit lanes of its parking.

21 Nov 2019

Quercus Technologies’ expansion in the Persian Gulf

12 vehicle plate recognition cameras in total survey entries and exits of the parking lot of the airport. This way, the operator knows who is entering and leaving the facilities in order to guarantee a greater, global control of the parking.

14 Nov 2019

The most innovative parking system in the Philippines has Quercus Technologies devices

SM has installed a state of the art “Spot Control” parking guidance system and license plate recognition devices at the entrances and exits of its car park, developed and supplied by Quercus Technologies.

4 Nov 2019

Darling Square renews the guidance system in its parking lot

Since 2017, this neighborhood community of Sydney used the leading product of Quercus Technologies in the field of guidance: Spot Control ultrasonic sensor for car parking system.