11 Aug 2020

The stadiums choose Quercus Technologies to control the vehicles that access their parking facilities

Riazor local stadium in A Coruña is the latest stadium that has installed six Smart LPR Access cameras in its parking facilities, Orzán Riazor.

28 Jul 2020

The offices choose Quercus Technologies for their security and access control: now, in I&M Bank, in Nairobi

The automatic license plate recognition allows access to the parking facilities for the registered vehicles, whose license plates have been previously registered in the database.

23 Jun 2020

Brazilian condominiums choose Quercus Technologies to be equipped with license plate reading units

Vista Verde Offices condominium, in São Paulo, has equipped its parking facilities with six license plate recognition units by Quercus Technologies, which control the almost 30.000m2 of parking lots serving the houses in the area.

14 May 2020

The license plate recognition by Quercus Technologies in Barrio Independencia Mall

There are 10 access lanes to Barrio Independencia Mall from Olivos and Echeverría Streets in Santiago de Chili. And there are also 10 SmartLPR Access license plate recognition units by Quercus Technologies installed in the parking facilities.

1 May 2020

The São Camilo Hospital installs 12 SmartLPR Access cameras at the parking facilities

12 SmartLPR Access cameras were installed in the parking lot of the Hospital, set to two different operating modes.

22 Apr 2020

Two medical clinics in Chile install 13 SmartLPR Access in their parking garages

Apart from bringing increased security to both operators and users by gaining comprehensive data about vehicles going in and out of the facilities, LPR technology leads to smart and automatized mobility in parking facilities.

25 Feb 2020

Santo Amaro Administrative Center Condominium installs 8 SmartLPR Access units in its car park

Eight license plate recognition cameras have been installed and set in free-flow and software mode, and are already operational. The cameras send the car's license plate to be printed on the ticket and control the vehicle entries and exits.

13 Feb 2020

Congonhas Airport is already enjoying Quercus Technologies’ global parking solution

Quercus Technologies parking solution allows them to manage the 1233 spots of the car park of the Brazilian airport, the second busiest of the South American country. The management of the facilities was outsourced and will be in charge of ESTAPAR.


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