12 Jan 2021

The camera-based parking guidance system by Quercus Technologies has been installed at the HMC Business Center in Doha, Qatar

The HMC Business Center, with a parking lot for about 2,000 vehicles, needed a guidance system that would optimize the flow of drivers in the parking facilities.

4 Dec 2020

The Oakland Mall Guatemalan shopping center already benefits from the global parking solution by Quercus Technologies, with a 99.6% success rate in vehicle detection at its facilities

A test conducted by Quercus Technologies at the Oakland Mall parking facility proves the effectiveness of sensor vehicle detection and the efficiency of the indoor guidance system.

19 Nov 2020

The license plate recognition camera by Quercus Technologies, SmartLPR Access, controls the accesses and exits of the Air Force Hospital in Chile

A total of 4 license plate recognition cameras have been installed at the Air Force Medical Center located in Las Condes, a district in the northeast side of the city of Santiago, Chile.

20 Oct 2020

Brazilian shopping center Trimais Places benefits from the intelligent parking guidance system provided by Quercus Technologies

Every day, more than 50,000 vehicles circulate near this distinguished shopping center and therefore it was essential to optimize the efficiency of its facilities and obtain greater customer satisfaction.

6 Oct 2020

Quercus Technologies' license plate recognition technology controls entries and exits to the Clinico Catanese

A total of 16 SmartLPR Access cameras have been installed at the Clinico Catanese medical center, located in the Italian city of Catania, on the island of Sicily. Parking is a particularly important and sensitive part of the facilities in medical centers.

16 Sep 2020

The Vértice Valinhos condominium is now using an access control system from Quercus Technologies

The SmartLPR Access cameras are licence plate recognition units developed and manufactured by Quercus Technologies and are an effective system for controlling the entry and exit of vehicles to and from the car park of a facility.

11 Aug 2020

The stadiums choose Quercus Technologies to control the vehicles that access their parking facilities

Riazor local stadium in A Coruña is the latest stadium that has installed six Smart LPR Access cameras in its parking facilities, Orzán Riazor.

28 Jul 2020

The offices choose Quercus Technologies for their security and access control: now, in I&M Bank, in Nairobi

The automatic license plate recognition allows access to the parking facilities for the registered vehicles, whose license plates have been previously registered in the database.