18 Jan 2021

Quercus Technologies' license plate recognition technology reads the Arabic alphabet and continuously improves its reliability in Middle Eastern countries

In order to achieve a correct access control for car parks and the automation of guidance systems, it is very important to use license plate recognition systems to identify vehicles quickly, accurately and automatically. For this reason, Quercus Technologies improves the reading capacity of both its license plate recognition cameras, called SmartLPR Access, and its sensors for vehicle detection, video recording and license plate recognition, SC Indoor.

The parking control solutions provided by Quercus Technologies already allows access control in many airports and hospitals in Southwest Asia, providing security, vehicle control and a significant increase in mobility within the car park. At present, its products for access control of the car park in each parking space and in the accesses to the facilities recognize plates with the Arabic alphabet. This helps countries in the Middle East to benefit from the many parking solutions offered by the company.

Seven emirates make up the United Arab Emirates, and each has a different jurisdiction. This means that, with the exception of some official plates, each emirate issues its own plates, both for regular and special vehicles. Although this may seem a handicap when it comes to implementing improvements in lpr cameras, Quercus Technologies has managed to recognize each of the most complex license plate formats that exist: a clear example are the plates of vehicles in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi license plate example   An example of Abu Dhabi vehicle plate detected   Another example of Abu Dhabi license plates

It is also worth noting that, in another Middle Eastern country, Oman, the license plate recognition parking management software is already able to distinguish between different types of plate. Some of them are the plates of the state police force, exportation, the diplomatic corps and even the plates that we define as VIP.

The company's research and development team works daily to improve the license plate recognition products in all regions. This has led more and more countries and areas to be recognized for their lpr cameras and car park guidance systems. This past year, part of the efforts has focused on including updates and improvements in regions such as Kazakhstan and Oman, countries where calligraphy and grammar are the same, and they are precisely the way in which license plates are usually distinguished among countries. At Quercus Technologies, we believe in the importance of continuing to bring improvements and new updates to our products, adapting to the needs of each client, wherever they come from, and making for an unbeatable user experience.


*Header image by Larry Luxner.


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