21 Apr 2017

New Spot Control project in Chile

The parking facilities serving the new civic center in Lo Barnechea, Santiago de Chile are now equipped with intelligent Spot Control devices for reliable parking guidance, license plate recognition and video surveillance at each parking spot.

17 Feb 2017

Have you read our latest newsletter?

All SmartLPR Access cabinet models are now manufactured in stainless steel, allowing for better operation and the highest resistance of the entire equipment in any climatic condition.

10 Feb 2017

Quercus Technologies is now member of the Spanish Association for Quality

The AEC is a private non-profit organization, founded in 1961, with the purpose of promoting quality as the engine of competitiveness and sustainability of its professionals, its companies and the country.

3 Feb 2017

Fresh new year, fresh new Partner

Provideal is a start-up company whose ambition is to satisfy its customers by offering a range of equipment designed to optimize their operations.

5 Jan 2017

We had a great 2016 thanks to you!

It has been a year where our products have been chosen to improve control and security in shopping mall car parks around the world. 

7 Oct 2016

Have you read our latest news?

LPR-based parking applications have increased by 15%. Don't hesitate to join the global parking solution offered by Quercus Technologies and start enjoying all the benefits of reliable technology. 

30 Sep 2016

Access the Quercus Partner Portal to get all the interesting information about our products!

Make the most out of it and you will be able to find there the newest information about our software/firmware updates, renewal schemes, certifications, and documents on all our products and services!

8 Jul 2016

Quercus ANPR cameras make it to the news on KARK NBC 4 channel in the US

These cameras include all the necessary equipment for license plate acquisition and processing in an All-in-One solution: the digital license plate reading camera with motorized lens, OCR processor, Wiegand output interface, inputs/outputs...


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