19 May 2023

Quercus Technologies installs license plate recognition units at Tashkent Airport to optimize facility access

The use of license plate recognition technology is increasingly common at airports around the world, as it can boost parking management and security in many ways.

10 May 2023

Quercus Technologies comprehensive parking solution installed at the Los Portales Shopping Center

Quercus Technologies, leader in the world market of smart parking solutions, is proud to announce that the list of Latin American shopping centers equipped with their parking solutions continues to grow.

27 Apr 2023

A comprehensive parking solution for Israeli company Mobileye

ANPR systems are a convenient, efficient way of managing parking access, as they do away with the need for paper tickets or parking access cards.

29 Mar 2023

The Barcelona Metropolitan Transport authority (TMB) employee parking facility streamlines access points with Quercus license plate recognition units

The growth of the population and the rise in the number of vehicles on our roads have created a greater need for innovative, efficient parking solutions.

23 Mar 2023

The Arab World Institute reopens its parking garage with the Quercus smart parking system

Thanks to the SC Indoor camera-based parking sensors, the 65 parking spaces are fully monitored to show information on occupancy,

14 Mar 2023

Israeli company Amdocs installs a Quercus parking guidance system at their facility

As a company with high stakes in innovation, and that believes in the importance of automation and dynamism, Amdocs did not hesitate to install the Quercus system as a means to provide its facility with the latest in parking technology.

7 Feb 2023

Quercus license plate recognition units installed at the Jockey Plaza Shopping Mall

The Jockey Plaza is one of Peru’s largest shopping malls, with over 500 shops, and featuring top-tier Peruvian and international brands.

24 Jan 2023

Comprehensive guidance system installed at the Amédée St. Germain parking garage

Other surprising innovations included in this new parking facility include the Quercus SC Indoor parking guidance system, which indicates the number of spaces that are free or occupied and the space type.


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