9 Feb 2023

Quercus license plate recognition units installed at the Jockey Plaza Shopping Mall

The Jockey Plaza is one of Peru’s largest shopping malls, with over 500 shops, and featuring top-tier Peruvian and international brands.

24 Jan 2023

Comprehensive guidance system installed at the Amédée St. Germain parking garage

Other surprising innovations included in this new parking facility include the Quercus SC Indoor parking guidance system, which indicates the number of spaces that are free or occupied and the space type.

19 Oct 2022

Reus, the Smart City that is bringing ANPR smart systems into play

Leveraging the latest innovations and technologies, the Reus Local Council has worked intensively to improve the services it provides to citizens, and that fit best within the Smart City concept.

6 Oct 2022

ANPR access control system installed at the Nice airport

The solution proposed by Quercus Technologies enhances parking facility efficiency, achieving a better user experience, improving overall performance and operational control.

29 Sep 2022

Guided parking system with camera-based sensors installed at the Zlaté Jablko Shopping Center

For the OC Zlaté Jablko parking garage to have everything necessary to work with an unmatched guidance system, informative LED panels were installed at various points around the premises.

15 Sep 2022

Parking facility at Ljubljana School of Economics puts Quercus LPR technology to the test

With the installation of license plate recognition cameras at the school, mobility has improved, and the parking process has become automated.

9 Sep 2022

Quercus guided smart parking system deployed in the San Bernardo parking facility

This parking management system now enables operators to maximize their resources, take strategic decisions and boost their Business Intelligence.

24 Aug 2022

Cargo port of Toulon installs license plate detection cameras on its premises

The parking facility at Toulon’s cargo port joins the smart parking revolution with the addition of 14 license plate recognition units from Quercus Technologies. The units identify the license plates of the trucks entering and leaving distinct areas.


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