15 Sep 2022

Parking facility at Ljubljana School of Economics puts Quercus LPR technology to the test

With the installation of license plate recognition cameras at the school, mobility has improved, and the parking process has become automated.

9 Sep 2022

Quercus guided smart parking system deployed in the San Bernardo parking facility

This parking management system now enables operators to maximize their resources, take strategic decisions and boost their Business Intelligence.

24 Aug 2022

Cargo port of Toulon installs license plate detection cameras on its premises

The parking facility at Toulon’s cargo port joins the smart parking revolution with the addition of 14 license plate recognition units from Quercus Technologies. The units identify the license plates of the trucks entering and leaving distinct areas.

1 Aug 2022

ANPR systems installed at Prince Naif Airport

Prince Naif International Airport, located in Qassim, Saudi Arabia has moved to Quercus solutions with the installation of SmartLPR Access units at the two entrances and three exits of its parking facility.

26 Jul 2022

A comprehensive parking solution for Sagrat Cor Hospital

Optimal parking management is a key factor to make the user experience more fluid, and for it to take less time. This helps guarantee that patients, visitors, and hospital staff all find an available parking space.

13 Jul 2022

Quercus number plate recognition units enable smooth access to Riyadh Boulevard for vehicles.

Thanks to the installation of ANPR cameras and the automation at entrances and exists that these allow, every user can now get in quickly, conveniently and without interruptions.

7 Jul 2022

Quercus’ camera-based guidance system, installed at the São Paulo World Trade Center

A parking management solution that facilitates access to the premises, reduces the time it takes to find an unoccupied space and improves vehicle flow through the parking facility is a must for any operator to bear in mind in their business strategy. 

2 Jun 2022

Quercus license plate recognition cameras now monitor accesses at Phoenix's Sky Harbor Airport

LPR cameras make it possible to immediately identify the license plates of any vehicle entering the parking facility, even in low-visibility conditions.


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