4 Oct 2021

The Haramain High-speed Railway, outfitted with 45 LPR cameras from Quercus Technologies

A total of 45 SmartLPR Access license plate recognition cameras have been installed at Haramain High-speed Railway that connects Mecca and Medina.

10 Aug 2021

License plate recognition in Lisbon

Our LPR system reads the license plates of vehicles entering and leaving the parking facilities of this famous city square Luís de Camoes.

19 Jul 2021

Port of Roses installs LPR cameras

The Quercus Technologies LPR cameras identify vehicles’ plates at the entrance and exit of this Catalan marina’s parking facility, which features 370 parking spaces.

30 Jun 2021

License plate reader comes to the ALESP

The ALESP has two access lanes on Srg. Mario Kozel Filho avenue and on Pedro Álvares Cabral avenue. Eight license plate recognition cameras from Quercus Technologies have been installed at these access points.

14 Jun 2021

License Plate Recognition in Chile, the case of El Llano

A total of 4 LPR cameras have been installed in the lanes leading into the parking garage at the shopping mall belonging to the Cenco Llano Group, in Santiago de Chile.

20 May 2021

LATAM airports pick our license plate detector

Our vehicle license plate recognition cameras are installed in countless airports around the world, and especially in South America.

29 Apr 2021

ANPR parking system at the Lisbon cruise ship terminal

Quercus Technologies LPR cameras monitor the entry and exit of vehicles at the Lisbon cruise ship terminal's private parking facility. The smoothest car park management system must count on automatic number plate recognition technology in the equation

8 Apr 2021

Kö-Bogen KII parking uses LPR cameras

The parking has 660 parking spaces distributed among its five floors, and 24 charging stations for electric cars. This parking, so well communicated with the commercial areas of the city, decided to use Quercus Technologies' LPR system.


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