14 Jun 2022

Parking systems to improve user experience at airports

A growing number of airports are investing in smart parking solutions that bring every advantage to achieve an efficient and automated parking system.

4 Feb 2022

License plate recognition: past, present and (a great) future

License Plate Recognition (LPR) is a technology that takes a vehicle’s license plate information from an image or group of images. In recent years, LPR, a field of Computer Vision, has been widely used in various sectors related with vehicle monitoring.

31 Jan 2022

A new SmartLPR Access license plate recognition camera

18 Oct 2021

How a parking guidance system can boost the parkers’ experience

Smart parking guidance is nowadays almost everywhere, putting our minds at ease and facilitating all users a good parking experience.

16 Sep 2021

How to improve the parking experience with mobility solutions

Boosting the parking experience has become so important in recent times, and is now one of the most relevant factors to consider in customer satisfaction.

3 Aug 2021

5 benefits of an integrated outdoor and indoor parking guidance system

License plate recognition in each parking space, which forms part of the SC Indoor guidance system, provides an added value that non-camera-based parking solutions do not.

12 Jul 2021

Main advantages of working with a unique parking platform

The best parking management systems are based on a global parking solution that controls all parking facilities. This solution is made up of different products that generate information that is centralized in a single parking software platform.

1 Jun 2021

Dynamic pricing and parking guidance solutions

Dynamic pricing means adjusting prices depending on needs and requirements, at a specific time and place. In recent years, dynamic pricing has become a more prominent trend for global parking solutions.


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