Spot control

Spot Control capability integrated into BirdWatch is a parking guidance system where vehicle detection is done through license plate recognition at each parking spot. It provides highly reliable parking guidance, identifies vehicles in each parking spot through license plate recognition and improves security and mobility inside the facilities as each Spot Control unit acts as a video surveillance camera that allows recording and visualizing all the events that happen in / around the parking spot it controls. 

Spot Control capability offers options to "find your vehicle" in case parker does not recall where he parked, shows parking spot availability and provides information for setting a dynamic fare system with different fares depending on spot location and type.  Moreover, car park operators have complete occupancy data and can check all the movements of vehicles in their facilities.

LPR Area

You can also manage outdoor parking areas, usually rooftop car parks, thanks to the LPR Area feature. With it, you can have real-time information on the occupied/available parking spots in that area and you can easily obtain an accurate inventory of the vehicles that are inside it based on their license plate.

  • LPR identification at each spot for an exact location of the vehicle
  • Video-recording at each parking spot triggered by motion detection
  • Complete spot occupancy information and vehicle tracking
  • Two product versions adapting to your needs: SpotID and Spot Guidance 

Spot ID

  • License plate identification at each spot
  • Video recording of all events occurring at/around the parking spot
  • Parking guidance system

Spot Guidance

  • Video recording at each spot for increased security
  • Parking guidance system & spot availability information

Spot Control capability is based on a combination of different technologies such as: license plate recognition at each spot, motion detection techniques and video recording technologies. 

This combination of highly advanced technologies is embedded in an All-in-One dedicated hardware that includes all the necessary elements for a high performance LPR and video detection at each parking spot. Each Spot Control unit includes 2 high performance cameras and controls 4 parking spots. The colour of the LED changes in accordance with the type of parking spot configured and its status (occupied / available). To know more about the dedicated hardware for this capability, go to Spot Control Sensors

  • Allows for differentiate fare-system based on spot location
  • Robbery prevention & avoids vehicle claims 
  • Parking guidance system & information about the availability of the parking spaces
  • Find your car information
  • Increased security
  • Better parking experience
  • Improved car par management
  • Remote control of parking facilities

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